Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The cutting room floor

One of the things I've always wondered about the books that I read is "If this is the final edition, what got chopped out of the first draft?" Every once in a while, I'll post things here when I make a particularly large cut. I won't give much, if any context, so take these as you will. That being said, here's the first entry from Marvelous, the book I am currently editing:

(and not for the first time). Cube farms, as the pejorative goes, are in many ways the antithesis of a productive environment for a programmer. They do nothing to dampen noise, do nothing to give the developer a sense of privacy, do nothing to discourage the standard office camaraderie which, while vital to employee moral and overall workplace atmosphere, is a death knell for productivity for those people located near the budding camaraderie that need to concentrate closely on their work. As such, the auxiliary job of a programmer was to find effective ways to block out the noise and distraction that was fostered by well-intentioned designers that had absolutely zero conception of how to create an environment conducive to productive programming.

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