Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

I recently submitted my novel, to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition. It should be interesting - I'm taking my first length work of fiction and putting it up against 10,000 other people (well, technically 9,999 other people). The optimist in me has me wanting to check the website every day, to see how I'm doing. I'm proud of my novel, but I'm not certain it's up to the quality of several of my competitors. All I'm really hoping for in any case is some decent feedback. I've shown the writing to family and friends, but this is pretty much the first time I'm submitting my work for evaluation by a person who has no vested interest in my well being. Not that my family and friends would lie to me about the quality, I know they'd never do that. It's more of an external validation - what does a complete stranger think when they read my work?

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