Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Theme Story - Kitten fight!

Mr. Whiskers had his hackles up. The interloper – Mittens – had struck the first blow, a vicious bat across the face. Mr. Whiskers hissed a warning at Mittens, but it went unheeded. Mittens crept forward, ears flattening and jowls tightening to reveal teeth. Mr. Whiskers pounced, and the battle was on.

Mr. Whiskers barreled into the side of Mittens, and the two went tumbling in a ball of furiously flying fur. Mittens began to hiss and spit as Mr. Whiskers scratched him across the hindquarters, but his success was short-lived as Mittens got in a firm bite on Mr. Whiskers’ paw. The two leapt apart, panting heavily. Mr. Whiskers favored his left forepaw, while Mittens was obviously putting less weight on his rear right leg. They eyed each other like two prize fighters, retreating to the corner after a round has concluded.

There was no bell to signal the start of round two. Mittens was the aggressor this time, lunging forward. Just as he was about to collide, and Mr. Whiskers had tensed for the impact, Mittens pulled back and struck with a paw instead, striking Mr. Whiskers right between his namesake. Mr. Whiskers growled in surprise and pain, and leapt forward again. He was going to end this, one way or another.

The two rolled back and forth across the tile, neither gaining advantage over the other. For each swipe Mr. Whiskers landed, Mittens came right back with another. Fur was everywhere – in the air, in their mouths, in their claws. The sounds were horrendous, as though two weary warriors were giving their all in a battle to the death. In some respects this wasn’t too far off.

After a while the two parted. Mr. Whiskers knew his strength was flagging, but he refused to give up any ground over his piece of string. He stared at Mittens, tensing for another strike, and was surprised when he saw Mittens’ face fall. His opponent rolled onto his back, gracefully admitting defeat. Mr. Whiskers nodded, still not believing the turn of events but not questioning it either. He picked up the piece of string in his jaws and sauntered off, triumphant.


  1. This was glorious. I love it. I think it actually makes a cat fight 'exciting.' Mine usually only fight for a few seconds before they get freaked out by my laughter and bolt. Apparently they're self conscious about being laughed at, but they should have thought about that before they started fighting like extremely uncoordinated toddlers.

    1. Glad you liked it! We had two cats at one point - Ninja and Thai Food (because it's something all cats have in common). When they were kittens, they'd spend hours bolting around our tiny apartment having epic battles, pouncing off the furniture like Yoda in the new Star Wars films (which was the only worthwhile segment in those three movies, in my opinion). They provided a lot of inspiration!

      Of course I have the uncoordinated toddlers as well. Maybe I should strap pillows around them and set them on each other...