Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Theme Story - The Best Meal

I bit into the morsel, feeling the texture as it filled my mouth. The meat seemed to melt on my tongue, transforming from firm cube to ephemeral flavor in seconds. The sear on the outside, the seasoning…. Everything just melted together in perfect harmony.

I closed my eyes as the flavor faded, savoring this feeling for as long as I possibly could. Only once my mouth was clear did I slice off another piece, salivating as the food approached my opening mouth. At times like this I completely lost myself in sensation, the clang and clamor of the surrounding restaurant disappearing into abject silence. I became a primordial creature, consisting of tastebuds only as I consumed the steak. Each bite was the same experience, neither diminished nor faded, the character of the flavor evolving as the temperature of the meat slowly cooled. I lost myself in the act of consumption completely.

It was her laughter filtering into my ears that ultimately brought me out of my reverie. I opened my eyes and looked down at the plate, awareness returning to me slowly as the taste of heaven faded from my mouth. I looked across the table at her, smiling sweetly, and asked her “How is your dinner?”

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