Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Exciting news, everyone!

(and that's enough of Professor Farnsworth for now)

The quarter-finalists for the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award have been announced, and my book - Marvelous - has made the cut!

This is the first work of any significant length I have ever written, and to see it selected as such is... oddly fulfilling. A year ago I didn't do all that much writing, but after Camp NaNoWriMo in June of last year it's become a much larger part of my life. I always kind of wanted to write a novel, but never really found the time until I sat down and forced myself to write, every day, for a month. The result is something that I was pretty pleased with, and apparently some other people like it too!

You can find the excerpt at amazon.com - if you've enjoyed the stories I've posted here so far, or even if you just like a good tale, please take a look through my excerpt and give it a review :)

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